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Company Profile

Eagle Logistics is one of the most prominent transport and logistics companies in Hong Kong and the Far East offering its clientele a vast array of services. As part of our effort to enhance our position in the industry, Eagle Logistics is promoting one-stop services featuring a worldwide sea, land, and air combined transport network. This system provides highly focused attention to the needs of each and every client and is in keeping with our policy of continuously improving our performance and furthering the development of the industry in general.

From the moment a client calls our Customer Services Department, its director has but one mission, to patiently listen to the client’s requests, thoroughly analyze his needs and then recommend the most effective course of action. And at every level of our corporate structure, our personnel have but one aim, to serve our clients with courtesy, loyalty, sincerity and diligence.

Business Scope:

A.  Provide packaging and ordering of professional personal belongings, valuable furniture and precious antiques, and adopt the latest packaging materials and technology

B. “Transportation Service”: It has a complete local transportation fleet, provides comprehensive sea, land and air transportation services, and arranges cross-border cargo packaging and ferry services for customers.

C. “Overseas Consignment”: The company has a corporate agent network to provide customers with the most suitable door-to-door consignment services. Whether it is sent from any part in China or Hong Kong to any corner of the country, we can handle it.

D. “Storage Service”: The company has a constant temperature warehouse. 24-hour security. A-level warehouse. Provide warehousing services for customers.

E. Cargo Reorganization: We specialize in repacking products, with all modern packaging tools, to provide customers with the distribution, unpacking and integration services

F. “Customs declaration and document processing”: We assist customers in handling all import/export declarations and customs clearance documents with professional work attitude, ensuring that customers can enjoy one-stop service, leisurely and satisfactorily waiting for goods to arrive at the destination on time.

Eagle Logistics offer a free estimate and quotation service.  Just call our Customer Service Department and our quotation specialists will visit you at your conveniences and provide a detail estimation service.

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Services Department on 2677 8813 or WhatsApp us at 5181 2993